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Featured Artist: Doreen LaScola

Artist Statement

My art is primarily conceptual, a type of abstract realism by nature, born from a number of sources and executed in a variety of styles & series depending upon what I need to convey. It can be representative of struggle & resilience, the man-made & the natural; spiritual & physical; calm & chaotic. The contradictions and/or connections between human beings and our surroundings are present in the majority of what I create.

The choice of medium for each piece; paint, wood cut, pastel, pen & ink, mixed media, etc. becomes the vehicle for not only my imagination or what I see before me but is essential in helping me achieve the visual manifestation of what I “feel”. The handling of the materials is often a symbolic communication to the viewer. For example, my use of cheese cloth & layering in Torso II was intended to symbolize the layers and texture of an individual that transcend the physical form. Whether it is an abstract, landscape or portrait, each piece is approached from my emotion about the subject matter, the capturing of a calm moment with good friends, the sorrow of loss, the confusion of personal relationships, and the joy of new life.

My process can be described as a combination of personal experience with simple inspiration. The most innocuous items can trigger an idea and present a nearly complete image in my minds eye. A relationship then develops between the piece and me, with its realities, problems, the quest for solutions and hopeful harmony between opposing elements. It is a give & take discovery and a nurturing of sorts until the piece is mature enough to stand on its own.

Art gives us the ability to not only create and capture beauty but to create something positive from the most negative of life’s circumstances. Life, in all its simplicity and complexity guides me, the living of it because we are a part of its landscape.

Doreen LaScola is a mixed and multi-media artist who is a member of the Gardner Area League of Artists, the Leominster Art Association, the Princeton Art Society and the Concord Art Association. She studied Fine Art at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and the University of Massachusetts Boston.

In addition to her visual art, she currently offers custom-size canvas stretching and freelance graphic design services. For inquiry about a particular piece or to be added to her e-mail list for upcoming shows & exhibits, please e-mail her at

Artwork copyright © Doreen LaScola. No images may be reproduced in any form without written permission.