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Featured Artist: Joe Smith

Artist Statement

I have enjoyed drawing from a very young age, and I have always made time for art in my life, but it was not until very recently that I have been able to give it the time and the attention it deserves. By doing so I have not only become a better artist but I have also gained a better understanding of myself and the importance of the part of me that seeks to express itself through art. My desire is to be able to fully explore this artistic yearning and to bring out whatever talent I have inside.

My art is based on a love of drawing: the feel of the pen in my hand; the sight of the mark upon the paper; the loaded brush gliding across the canvas; the satisfaction of a figure well-rendered.

I work in a variety of mediums. Lately I have been using oils, scratchboard, watercolor, and pen & ink. I tend to be drawn to natural landscapes. My favorite pastime is long hikes through the woods with my sketchbook, stopping to draw whatever catches my eye. My art is my attempt to capture, share, remember and understand the peace and beauty I find in these settings.

Joe Smith

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