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Featured Artist: Len Haug

Artist Statement

For me, art is fun and is all about awareness, observation and appreciation of my surroundings and my daily experiences.

While I work in all media, my passion in recent years has been in the creation of “collage paintings.” I use discarded glossy photographs and any other flat material I can find which I shred and/or cut into small pieces of color and texture from which I create my finished works of art. I have coined the term “shredalism” to define my unique style. Each finished work consists of hundreds to thousands of pieces and demands much time and patience to create.

I majored in fine arts in college and have continued to study art throughout my life. My work has received local, area and regional awards in numerous juried and judged exhibits.

While I am currently concentrating on collages, I am sharing at this time some of my other work created in other mediums. Working in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and other mediums excites me and the skills gained in these areas are often transferable to my collage work.

Len Haug

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