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Featured Artist: Lisa Regopoulos

Above Artwork done in Pastels

Artist Statement

I have always been attracted to the visual arts, drawing, painting or doing anything creative. After going to college, pursuing my paralegal career and raising my daughter, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to set aside more time to pursue my passion. After many years of art classes at the Worcester Art Museum, I have found my forte.

I have worked primarily with soft pastels on sanded paper for the past six years. Working from my own photographs, I strive to create paintings that “beat” the photos. The pure pigment in pastels make it easy to achieve the color and light needed for the subject matter that I prefer. The inspiration for the majority of my artwork comes from my passion for gardening and my fondness of the outdoors. I also enjoy painting children in natural settings. I view the world in a deliberate way, always on the look out for a potential painting.

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Artwork copyright © Lisa Regopoulos. No images may be reproduced in any form without written permission.