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Featured Artist: Paula J. Botch

Artist Statement

A love for art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, though it was always more as a spectator sport. I have great admiration for those who draw and paint, but not enough interest to try my hand at it. Coming from a family of many artists, photographers, and writers, I often felt a little envious and untalented.

Photography was always a fun, casual activity over the years, though it never occurred to me to pursue it as an art. In the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to be more involved with very talented visual artists whose work fascinates and inspires me, especially their photography on display at various exhibits and museums. Some of their work has been the subject of my writing.

In 2010, my husband gave me my first (and only) digital camera as an anniversary gift – along with his words “Let your imagination run wild!” Bit by bit, I found myself enjoying my new “toy,” gaining confidence and consciously working toward an artistic view. Now I see amazing images just about everywhere, and many of my photos are found on walks near home. I love finding nature’s beauty, as well as old forgotten places. I love capturing moments in time. I love whimsy. I love finding pieces of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

It’s a great joy to be able to share my work!

Paula J. Botch

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