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Featured Artist: Steven LaFreniere

Artist Statement

The subject matter of my photography varies greatly. Many shots are of objects or situations that people pass by each day and do not take time to appreciate. Somehow, when they’re frozen in time and printed on paper, people are more interested. In some of these instances, I try to offer a different perspective, almost feeling as if you’re looking at something for the first time. To be quite honest, people see a great “photograph” in their life every day, the only difference is, I’m the one who takes an extra minute in the day to stop and snap a picture.

My main objective is to get you to stop, look at, and appreciate the things around you in your everyday life. If I can get one person to be amazed by looking at something they pass by every day or have already seen one thousand times, I have achieved my goal.

At the opposite end of the “creative” spectrum, I also enjoy doing photography for advertising and marketing. It’s a more controlled and calculated type of work, but I get a different sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I see the end product.

Steven LaFreniere

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