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GALA Fall Art Show 2007

Judges Award Winners


  • First Place, Islands Crystal Light, Ray Barton
  • Second Place, Mysterious Door, Ellen Schneeflock
  • Third Place, Seventeen, Joanna Drugsvold
  • Honorable Mention, John Hanlon’s Barn, Ellen Schneeflock


  • First Place, Shells and Pearls, Mary Dunn
  • Honorable Mention, The Road Home, Mary Dunn


  • First Place, Seascape, Doreen Poulin
  • Second Place, Beech Tree, Joe Smith
  • Third Place, Field and Forest, Joe Smith
  • Honorable Mention, Happy Truck, Virginia Krul


  • First Place, Distant Trees, Margret Richard
  • Second Place, Onion Soup, Ellen Schneeflock
  • Honorable Mention, The Catch, Margret Richard


  • First Place, Salt Pond Sunrise, Guy D. Biechele
  • Second Place, Tree Line, Latrice Cooper
  • Third Place, Gardner 1, Chuck Heidorn
  • Honorable Mention, Cinderella, Ed Schneeflock

Other Media

  • First Place, “N”, Merrily Varone, Mixed Media
  • Second Place, Romanesque Face, Gary Ruuska, Colored Pencil
  • Third Place, Reflections, Gary Ruuska, Colored Pencil
  • Honorable Mention, Amaryllis Buds, Gary Ruuska, Colored Pencil

Peoples Choice Awards

  • First Place, Morning Chores, Oil, Ray Barton
  • Second Place, Cuttyhunk, Oil, Raymond Barton
  • Second Place, Summer Reflections, Photograph, Steve LaFreniere
  • Second Place, Reflections, Colored Pencil, Gary Ruuska
  • Second Place, Seventeen, Oil, Joanna Draugsvold
  • Third Place, Romanesque Face, Colored Pencil, Gary Ruuska
  • Third Place, Field and Forest, Watercolor, Joe Smith
  • Honorable Mention, Sepia Lake, Photograph, Steven LaFreniere


We would like to thank all the musicians who provided such great music for the art show!

Friday, October 12

  • Michelle Cormier violin
  • Aurora Cooper piano
  • Ethan Stone piano and voice

Saturday, October 13

  • Eddie Troxler and Friends jazz combo
  • Luis Gonzalez ragtime piano
  • Jordan Doucette singer songwriter
  • Danielle Martino guitar, voice

Sunday, October 14

  • Terry Parker jazz piano
  • Luis Gonzalez ragtime piano