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GALA Spring 2012 Art Show Performing Musicians

Download the 2012 GALA Spring Art Show Program
Spring 2012 Art Show Award Winners
Spring 2012 Art Show High School Award Winners
Volunteer List
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Thank you to Gary Ruuska and Chuck Heidorn for the photos.

Our thanks to the wonderful musicians (in alphabetical order) who generously volunteered their time and talent:

Dave Baldini
Marc Feldman
Flair: Roger Fluet, Lee Villaire
Chris Foresman
Charlie Heidorn
Meghann Kelly
Patty Keough
Lis Leal
Kris Lucander
Mark Fisher Trio: Mark Fisher, Donna Fisher-Russo, Kris Lucander
Gayle Picard
RDA, Unplugged (George Condon, Jordan Racine, Trevor Wolanske)
Scott Savoy
Nate Smith
Still River Bluegrass Band: Joan Eliyesil, Bruce Pacheco, Allen Pratt, Marion Webster

Musician Bios for more info about the musicians and their websites.